Building Cash Confidence`

What is Cash Confidence?

Cash Confidence is a money mindset. A state of being and doing.  

When you’re flowing in a state of cash confidence, you have the ability to plan, organize, direct and control both  your personal and business finances. You feel confident and competent. Your money is at your command!

Building confidence and competence

Recently, we began working with a smart, savvy CEO who’s  new to her position.

In an early meeting, we were going over some documents which needed  her approval and signature.

Our new CEO easily reviewed and signed off on several items.  She picked up the next document in the stack, scanned it, and paused.  Then asked, “What am I looking at and why is it important?”

What an absolutely brilliant question!!

In fact, this is THE  number one question all business owners need to ask..

That’s,  how you build Cash Confidence.

You’re not alone

In our twenty plus years working with business owners, we’ve learned that many feel a serious lack of Cash Confidence.

  • Some are new to business.
  • There are some who  have been in business for years.
  • Others work regularly with CPA’s, accountants or bookkeepers.

What they all have in common is unasked and unanswered questions about the money they’re managing.

Very few of us were taught money basics.

  • Our schools don’t teach it.
  • Most of us didn’t learn it at home..

No wonder we’re uncomfortable talking about and working with money!

Money is the opposite of the weather.

Nobody talks about it, but everybody does something about it.”

– Rebecca Johnson

The first step to cash confidence

What can you do today to build your Cash Confidence and eliminate anxiety about working with your day-to-day business finances?

The answer is, take a simple, guided look at where you are now.  We call it “You Are Here”.

Just like your car’s GPS, you have to know where you are starting from before you can set the course for your desired destination..

What you need to know

Here are some of the elements you need to be aware of as you build your Cash Confidence.

  • How much cash do you really have in the bank?
  • Do you have money set aside to pay your taxes (business and personal)?
  • What about money designated to expand and grow your business?
  • How much do your customers owe you
  • Are they paying you in a timely manner?
  • How much do you owe your vendors?
  • Are you paying them in a timely manner?

Knowing the answers to questions like these is the first step to building your Cash Confidence.  

Once you have a clear understanding of where you are today, you can begin to plan for your prosperous future.

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