Delegation Made Easy

Are you tyrannized by a To-Do list filled with recurring and repetitive tasks?  Would you love to hire someone to help lighten the load but you just can’t find the time to train them?


Let’s face it, spending time on recurring or repetitive tasks is not how you’ll make the magic happen in your business.  Lack of delegation will keep you distracted from your most important, highest revenue generating or genius work.


Ready to get more productive?  Here’s how in 5 simple steps.

1.     Screen capture software

First, you ‘ll need screen capture software to create video from your desktop. To start, you can use the free version of ScreenFlow. The free version leaves a watermark on the video.  The paid version (about $100.00) does not.  Another screen capture option is  a free trial version of Camtasia.  Both ScreenFlow and Camtasia are very easy to use.

2.     Choose your task

Choose the recurring task you’d like to delegate.  To make it really worth your while, pick a task you currently do weekly for maximum time savings.

3.     Record the task

The next time you’re ready to do the task, record the action using your screen capture software.  Be sure to explain all the steps in detail as you perform the task.  Consider any areas that might be confusing. Provide all necessary detail or helpful hints which will make the task easier.

4.     Export your video

You can make the video available by uploading to aa service like Dropbox or you could post it as a private video on YouTube.

5.     Now it’s your assistant’s turn

Have your assistant watch the video and complete the task. Be sure you check the work before it goes out. Ask if there are any questions and clarify where necessary.

That’s all there is to it!  In a minimal amount of time, you’ve provided a clear explanation of what needs to happen and how to take care of it.  Now you have additional time each week to focus on building your business. Once you’ve tried this a couple of times,  you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this sooner.

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