Myth-Conceptions: Three Lies We Tell Ourselves About Productivity

It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how wonderful your new product or idea is if you can’t get it launched. If you’re feeling underwhelmed by your level of production take a look at the following three time management myths. Are they may be sabotaging your efforts?

Myth-Conception #1:

All items on my To-Do List are created equal. Therefore checking anything at all off the list means I’ve been productive.


None of the items checked or scratched off your To-Do list got you any closer to your goal. Now there’s just a big old messy scribble on your once neat and tidy list.

Myth-Conception #2:

Multi-tasking is an effective productivity tactic. Just look at all the things I’m doing. Why, I’m so good at multi-tasking, I could juggle chainsaws.


What’s a finger or two?

Myth-Conception #3

A new app or technology will always make me more productive, profitable and keep me entertained.


If that was true, everyone addicted to their smart phone or social media would be a

Ga-zillionaire. With all the distractions our apps and technology bring, we’re actually taking longer to get less done with an inferior result.

Any time we engage in one of these myth conceptions, we are mismanaging our personal energy and underutilizing our valuable time. Over a prolonged period, we’ll end up feeling overloaded, overwhelmed and burned out. Our physical health and emotional well-being can also be negatively impacted.

What are our options?

“Efficiency is doing the thing right.  Effectiveness is doing the right thing.”

~Peter Drucker~


The good news is being efficient, effective and producing quality results does not mean being perpetually busy or working ourselves to the point of exhaustion and beyond.

To be efficient and effective, first, get clear on exactly which activities will make the most impact in getting you from where you are to where you want to be. Next, make those activities your first priority no excuses, matter what!


We each have the same 1,440 minutes to work with each and every day…  Make your minutes count!

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